CHINA, "Hell" money
    The offering of goods and money to the departed has been a feature of Chinese funerals since the beginning.  Clay cowries, clay food, probably most of the lead versions of cast coins, etc. are funerary.  Since paper money began about 1500 years ago imitation banknotes have been offered, usually, in latter centuries they are burned.  If you go to any oriental store anywhere in the world you will find packets of "joss paper" for sale.  There are thousands of different types made today.

229-49. CHINA, Hell note, 5000 yuan year 31 (1942) in style of Japanese puppet Federal Reserve Bank, rare WWII item,
 a) AU $20.00 sold
b) off center, AU $20.00 sold
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HONG KONG, Hell note set of 8, same blue back on all of them, 1960s, AU-Unc, $3.00
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multiples available, quantity discount, will trade

CHINA, a set from the Mongol Autonomous Region, acquired 1998, set of 10, Unc $6.50 a few of those are sold out & replaced with pieces from Thailand
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