Mid-Cambrian, c. 550 million BC, trilobites from House Range, Antelope Springs,  Millard Co., Utah: elrathia kingii, 16-20mm, from Wheeler shale, $1.50  sold

Cambrian, c. 500 million BC, trilobite, elrathia kingii,from Death Canyon, Antelope Springs, House range, Millard Co, Utah, dark reddish on light tan shale: 20mm, trilobite.  That's a repair in the matrix.  $15.00 sold

Cambrian, c. 500 million BC, trilobite, perinopsis interstricta, 5mm in matrix, from Death Canyon, Utah, $8.00 sold

ORDOVICIAN, c. 430 million BC, trilobite, paraboling argentinae, 27x7mm & 2 smaller ones on 55x75mm triangular slate slab, from Jujuy, Argentina, $25.00 sold
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Lower Devonian, c. 380-360 million BC, trilobites from An-Nif, Morocco:

 a) thysanopeltidae family, 50mm long,  The fossil is folded at 90 degrees, all details beautifully present, $18.50 sold

 b) crotalocephalus ("snake head"), 60mm long, about 1/5 of the tail is missing, very minor chipping of some surface detail, $9.75 sold

Middle Devonian, 320-300 million BC, trilobite, ductina sp., 40x25mm on matrix, from Nandan, Guangxi, China, about 10% chipped, $10.50

Upper Devonian, c. 280 million BC, trilobite, Paciphacops africanensis, Morocco, 4" long, very nice, it's all there, rising above a well carved pedestal of matrix.  To me it looks aggressive, hungry, monstrous, as it glides over the shallow sea floor, gobbling ancient tiny worms.  One of the eyes is a bit rough, $210.00
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