Probably about 97% of all fossils are marine, probably 97% of those are shells of molluscs.

UNKNOWN period, part of a spiral cast of a large snail, ~80mm dia., 70mm tall,  the geology of Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan, where this came from, is jumbled, with Cambrian zones right next to Tertiary, $21.00
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USA, TEXAS, Bandera Co., Late Cretaceous, c. 70 million BC, fossils:

- TOP: Protocardia sp.  These are clams.  Several species.  There is  little microdetail on these, but on a few you can see worm markings  on the shells.  All are complete bivalves, but some are worn.  Size  range: 35-200mm!  Grade range: "G-F."
    a) small $1.75         b) medium $6.50
                 c) large $8.50

- 3 O'CLOCK: internal cast of a gastropod snail.  Species difficult to determine.  Almost all have broken tips.  Size range: 45-150mm.  Grade range:  "G-F."
    a) small $2.25    b) medium $8.50
    c) large $10.50   d) giant $22.00

- 4 O'CLOCK: Graphaea sp.  These were like oysters, but solitary bottom dwellers who did not stick themselves to rocks.  The bottom "bowl" side has  a curved beak, the "cover" is irregularly flat.  All are single  shells, mostly bottoms, some with matrix, a few stuck to each other  like oysters do.  Size range: 40-100mm.   Grade: "VF."     a) Average $1.75     b) Superior $3.50

- 7 O'CLOCK: Porocystis globularis.  Supposedly a fruiting body of a marine alga.   They used to think they were sponges, Hindia sp.  How quickly they change their minds!  Anyway, these look like patterned  marbles, 15-35mm in diameter, pretty much all within the range of  "VG-F."
    a) small $1.50    b) large $3.50    c) superior specimen, large $6.00

- CENTER MOSTLY: Hemiaster texana.  Popularly called "sea biscuits."  They look a lot  like modern sand dollars, but much thicker.  On the low end, some of these are chipped, and some were crushed when they were buried back then, and thus are intact fossils of crushed hemiasters.  All  of them have some micro-detail, which means that you see anatomy up to about 20x magnification.  On the  high end, some are absolutely perfect. Size range: 24-50mm, grade  range: "aG-XF."    a) small, low grade $0.50
    b) small, medium grade $1.00    c) small, high grade $2.50     d) small, top grade $16.50
    e) medium, low $0.75       f) medium, medium $2.00 g) medium, high $4.00    h) medium, top $24.00
    i) large, low $1.50  j) large, medium $3.00    k) large, high $6.50    l) large, top $33.00
    m) giant, medium $18.00 n) other species, small & medium @ $5.00

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