Eocene, c. 50 million BC,  from Green River formation, Parachute Creek member, near Rifle, Colorado, fossil insects, tiny but rare.  The color is wrong on these pictures: gray matrix, not gold:

a hemipterid ("true bug"), 5mm, 7.50 sold

an ermine moth, 4mm, with some teeny weenies on the other side, actually the pictures are of the teeny weenies, the moth is "bigger,", 9.00 sold

a beetle 7.50

ants10.00 sold

beetles 7.50

dipterid fly, tiny but clear 7.50

another fly, head-on view with wings spread over 10mm! 10.00 sold

more tiny dipterids 7.50

nice, clear beetle 8.50

another dipterid, 5mm, in profile, 10.00 sold

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