For various reasons people with money will want to issue their own limited purpose monetary items.  Such things can only be "cashed" in certain circumstances, which is of course an advantage to the issuer and a disadvantage to the holder.  In the days before instant credit checks, etc. such things as municipal warrants provided perhaps a couple of days of "float" to the issuer, as the holder tried to cash it at, say, an out of state bank, only to be told that the issuing agency was outside of the normal banking system and the funds would have to be held for collection.  This is a worst case scenario; one could always take the warrant to the town cashier, who would turn it into "money" if there was any on hand.

230-60. USA, NEVADA, Humboldt Co., warrant, 1922 , nice vignettes, large size, aXF 11.50
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