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    For the moment I am putting several kinds of commercial paper on this page.  For certain business at some point in the past the issue of booklets of redeemable coupons made sense.  That's one.  Premium coupons, giving prizes or discounts on future transactions are still being made and used.  That's two.  Paper chits or tickets were/are used to keep track of various kinds of piecework labor for redemption in cash at the end of a pay period.  That's three.  In-house tickets were/are used for in-house store purchases at factories, etc.  That's four.  If the page gets too big I will of course break it up.

USCPB1) USA, Ideal Indexed Coupon Book Merchandise, no date (1920s-30s), 138x68mm, a generic blank, unissued, cover VG, contents AU $10.00
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USCPB2) USA, W. VIRGINIA, Ashley's Store, Inn & Club House, $25.00 coupon book (1930s), complete, Unc $24.00
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USCPB3) USA, NEVADA, Tonopah, Joe Knezevich, 250 pounds of ice, (1930s), unused, XF $23.50
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USC1) USA, Poll Parrot Shoe Co.,  no date (1920s).  I have 25¢, 50¢, $1  coupons in several colors, most but not all overprinted by HUGHES.  Most have minor flaws, VF @ $1.50 each
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USC2) USA, VIRGINIA, Cheriton, G.L. Webster Canning Co., cardboard chit, "1," ND (1950s), probably for cafeteria. Unc $1.00, 10 pcs $5.00, 100 pcs $22.00
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USPC1) USA, cardboard agricultural picker chits, mostly strawberries, mostly Maryland, 1920s-40s, need to be further attributed, 25 different, VG-F $18.00
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