USA, PENNSYLVANIA, Electric Traction Co. of Phila., series B share,  blue, trolley car, 1894, 400x217mm, stub glued on, foxed, water stains, F $17.50

USA, PENNSYLVANIA, Frank & Southwark Philadelphia City Passenger R.R. Co., 1
share, orange, electric Victory, 1937, 358x209mm, stub glued on, punch & cut cancelled, VF $17.50
-50 shares, green, 1905, same grade, $17.50 (not pictured)
-100 shares, brown, 1909, same grade, $17.50 (not pictured)

USA, PENNSYLVANIA, 13th & 15th Sts. Passenger Raiway Co., 35 shares, blue, horses, girl, 1880s, 262x178mm, punch cancel, VF $19.00 sold

USA, PENNSYLVANIA, Phila. & Trenton R.R. Co., $1000 bond, black, 5 vignettes, 1853, 357x215mm, cutout cancel, VF $22.00

USA, PENNSYLVANIA, Phila. Traction Co., 1 share, orange, women, boats, brakeman, 1898, 277x183mm, punch cancelled, VF $17.50

USA, NEW YORK, Saratoga & Schenectady R.R. Co., various amounts,  black, no vignettes, 1862, 170x122mm, VF+ $45.00

USA, PENNSYLVANIA, Northern Liberties Gas Co., 2 shares, black, no vignettes,1849, 195x129mm, cut cancel, XF $21.00 sold
-15 shares, black, no vignettes,1849, 195x129mm, cut cancel, water stain, XF $16.00 (not pictured) sold

MEXICO, Cia Minera San Diego, unissued cert., brown, national eagle, 1907, 257x155mm, VF-XF $6.00

GREAT BRITAIN, Charles Laffitte & Co , 1 share, 1866, unissued blank, AU $24.75

KINGDOM OF HAWAII, Bell Telephone, blank certs, 1880s, with stub, stub is ragged where it was torn from the book, Unc: single cert 25.00, as you can see I have a full page of 2: $49.75 sold

ROMANIA, Soc. Anon. Roman. de Navigatiune pe Dunare S.R.D., 1 ordinary share, 500 lei, 1914,  VF $24.00

USA, KENTUCKY, Catlettsburg Improvement Co., blank, 189x, black & pink, locomotive. AU $22.00 sold

USA, OHIO,  Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore Railroad Co., 10 shares, 190x385mm, unissued  XF+ $24.00

USA, OHIO,  Little Miami Railroad Co., fractional share stock scrip, 125x205mm black utility litho, no vignette, 10ยข blue doc. stamp, 1870, VF $11.00 sold

USA, NEW YORK, Mexican Telephone Co., 50 shares, 1901, small sized, punch cancelled,  XF $6.50

USA, NEW YORK, Nassau Electric Railroad, 100 shares blank, signed, green, streetcars, (1890s), AU $26.50

USA, ILL, Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway Co.,  blank cert. 215x415mm, brown,  XF+$37.50

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