A 30 second search for "history of lottery" gave a nugget that Moses the prophet, peace be upon him and his children, won some land in a lottery.  There was a money prize lottery in Italy in the 16th century.  You can fill a wall with 3 ring binders of 20th century lottery tickets if you're of a mind to.

BULGARIA,Education Lottery, 10 leva, 1.7.1934, slit cancelled, XF $12.00
click picture for enlargement.

CHINA, TAIWAN, Chinese Women's Anti-communist Anti-Russian Federation, 100 yuan ND (1950s) to aid refugees from mainland XF+ $18.00 sold 9/18/2007
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LATVIA, education lottery, 1937, large size:
-10 lati, XF $15.00
-15 lati, silver trim, XF $15.00
-20 lati, gold trim, VF $15.00 sold
click picture for enlargement.

MONGOLIA, lottery ticket, no date that I can find, my guess is 1970s, surely not earlier than late '50s.  That's 5 tugriks.  I've handled thousands of lottery tickets, but only this one from Mongolia.
XF $14.00 sold
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