GERMANY, fiscal ephemera
    The Germans, like civilized humans everywhere, like to keep records.  On paper.  About everything.  Especially about money matters.

GFNS1) GERMANY, STUTTGART, 15 mark night tax receipt, 18.4.1922, Trocadero club.  For each hour of drinking after 9 PM a customer would have to pay a "night tax" for which a receipt was issued.  The later the hour (to 1 AM) the higher the tax.  Begun during WWI, the practice waned in the 20s as inflation took hold. VF $130.00
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GFRM1) GERMANY, FEDERAL REPUBLIC, rebate coupon book of Jakob Arnold & Son, Worms, milk & milk products, 1950s or 60s, filled with stamps both sides, VF $2.50, 10 pcs $16.00
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