Nice thing about Europe - some places they have records going back 500 years, some places 1000.  Buy an old house, go into the attic, poke around, maybe there's something from before, um, Columbus.  I remember once a German guy wrote about a coin he dug up in his garden, what was it?  Turned out to be 12th century French.

FRAD2) FRANCE, early 18th c., legal papers, contracts mostly.  My French is OK but the handwriting is difficult.  Can’t see a place name, they appear to emanate from the domain of a noble.  ~18x24cm (~7x9.5"), some single page, some double, dates 1702-03, with tax inkstamp. Edge faults, water stains, one has old repair, but bodies whole & complete, VG-F, @ 42.00 each sold

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FRAD6) FRANCE, FIRST REPUBLIC, a letter from an official in Touneins to another at Bagneres-Bigorre dated 2 Frimaire year 10 (1802).  Hard to read the handwriting, but I believe it discusses the acquisition of signatures on some other document & that the writer will be arriving soon.  23.5x20cm, edge faults, water spot, VF $33.00
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FRAD8) FRANCE, statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attested by the USA consul, that a person in Yssingeaux, apparently French, had died 32 years previously, 1848, 209x297mm (~8.25x11.75"), 4 pages, 2 blank, royal, republican, municipal, & consular stamps, separated at the major fold, various minor flaws, VG $24.00 sold 3/14/2008
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FRAD7) FRANCE, dispatch notice for Louis Bardy Fils Sucr., Castres, cheese, coffee, drugs, etc., ND (1910s-20s), 123x89mm cardboard, very artistic sunshine through clouds in background, unused, VF $8.00
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