USA, 19th century advertising objects
    There wasn't much in the way of advertising in the 18th century, but with the explosive growth of printing in the 19th century the possibilities of mass in-your-face presentations began to become apparent to people with things to sell.  As was so much the case in that era, the USA led the way.

USL1) USA, steel engraving, a bull's head with a blue ribbon on a horn, "Steer for The Iron Mountain Route," back: "Compliments of the Season Jan 1st 1881," 116x76mm, taped in a matted card frame, frame creased, stain & other minor problems on back, XF $14.00 sold 11/21/2010
Click picture for enlargement.

USF2) USA, pinback badges with national flags c. 1896, 22-23mm, backs have ads for Sweet Caporal cigarettes, Whitehead & Hoag, maybe few others, about 40 in stock, most different, VF @ $5.50 each
Click image for enlargement.  Write me about some particular flag you're looking for.

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