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6/2/08 - because of the unusual situations with both the bullion markets and the USA dollar exchange rate everything (11/16/2008) you should consider ALL of my posted prices to be provisional.  There may be changes in any category.  This notice will be posted on a few other pages but not all.  But this is your official notice. (Renewed 1/4/2010 - this is what low level chaos feels like.)  (6/8/2010 chaos continues to build.  Think before you act.  Think before you think.  Observe before that.  Remember to breathe.) 10/21/2010 so here we are living history.  How long has this crisis been going on?  3 years?  11?  40?  65?
This aviso renewed again 4/10/2011.  It hasn't been this eventful since the 60s.  And again 10/6/2011.  5 years of financial crisis.
And again 2/26/2012.  And of course 8/3/2012.  May 26 2013: gold & silver were up, now they're down, there are still prices in my coins inventories that are too low, but probably also some that are too high.  I update this notice occasionally, and do so again 7/4/2014.  Over time the situation remains volatile.  At the moment raw numbers are down.

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1. SHIPPING COSTS & CONDITIONS: USPS is still cheapest but there are increasing problems.  Service is deteriorating (political reasons mostly, far as I can tell, maybe discuss that later) & prices are high.  To save bits of money I have begun using a private mailing service to buy discounted postage but still ship through USPS.  There have been losses in transit but not more than with USPS all by itself.  However, there is an overall slight increase in losses.  If your package is insured you will get your money back but if not, not.  Generally, for domestic shipments, your best bet (priority) now costs $6.00 minimum: quick, tracked, insured.  Less than that seems to be getting increasingly iffy.  For international the situation is worse.  The best service (quick and with tracking) now costs a minimum of $60.00.  Registered first class is trackable but transit time is uncertain, indemnity if lost is limited, there have been losses.  Without registration takes an undefined amount ot time, is not trackable, no indemnity if lost,  Most shipments get through but not all of them.
2. OVERALL ECONOMY HAS IMPACTED COIN BUSINESS AS FOLLOWS: healthy growth at the top, recession at lower levels, which is where I live & work.  There is less stuff available to buy, lower prices at both buy & sell, fewer customers trending older.  Low bullion prices don't help of course.  My benchmark for a bad year has been 1981.  It is not 1981 quite, but the subject comes up.  Your collection assembled 20+ years ago is worth a lot more than you paid for it but probably less than it was worth 2 years ago.  Now, there is a cyclic thing I've seen in my life, so some kind of recovery is expected.  However, in my life every rebound has involved bigger numbers of dollar & people but a smaller percentage of people, so I am not in a position to advise you when & how much things will get better for, you know, "us."
3. THAT SAID, I plan to stay in the business next year, need to buy stuff so I can sell it, have money to do that.  Looking for "good stuff," ordinary stuff, bulk low end material, interesting things.  Help me out?
4. THIS MAY OR MAY NOT be my last offering for this year.  Wishing y'all happy, merry, warm, calm & prosperous next year.

1. I SEE I WROTE ABOUT the nasty stuff happening in northern Iraq back in July.  There are a couple of aspects to this complicated situation: 1) Iran is the tip of the spear in the short run & we have to help them do what needs to be done.  I am not worried about Iranian nukes because they want them to counter the Sunni nukes (Pakistan, possibly Saudi), threats to Israel are mere diversionary propaganda.  But Iran cannot win this Islamic 30 years war (population dynamics), it can only draw.  It could lose though, & losing would likely look like ISIS with 100 million people rather than few hundred thousand.  So we must, strategically, support Iran.  2) Which means supporting Assad in Syria.  We supported Stalin in WWII.  We can support Assad.  Greater good & all that.  We can always go back to hating him again when it gets to be 1946 again.  3) We USAers can't do it on the ground.  With all due respect to those what crave it, we, I'm sorry to say, don't know how.  Proxies, back channel deals with various flavors of devils.  That's not the only way, but I am not at the moment thinking of other ways that would yield any kind of non-worse result.  Hard to think of any result less worse than the piles of bodies scenario we have going on there now.  "At least" they're not making mountains of the heads they're cutting, a not uncommon spectacle in the past.  Yet.
2. THIS IS the third year of no monarch butterflies.  Shortage of pollinators have decreased the local zucchini crop, but a fig tree around the corner is heavy with fruit.  There was an outstanding mushroom bloom this August from the rains & not-too-hot temperature.  A small emergence of big fat annual cicadas, dogs & cats find them tasty and fun.
3. BUSINESS has slowed on both the buying & selling sides.  I am finding less interesting stuff to sell at prices worth buying while ordinary stuff is sluggish & also not abundant.  I will need a few hundred pounds of poundage soon.  I really want to buy whole collections, anyone?

1. I WRITE THIS the day after what's his name had himself declared caliph by a flunky on youtube.  In my opinion that is not an act of power but rather one of insanity.  He is in no position to enforce anything & has instantly alienated 2/3 to 7/8 of his projected sunni "subjects."  If this is a megalomanic gesture it is probably precipitated by the money he grabbed when his boys took Mosul, he thinks wrongly that he is rich enough to do what he wants.  If it is calculated then we might as well say that he is an Iranian agent because his Baath army allies are either allowing him to play out while they consolidate in the background or they are alienated.  The Saudis hate him because they think they should be the caliphs.  The Turkish government hold the caliphal "stuff," the sword & such, & are not going to give them to anyone.  There is a split in the sunni insurgency that will become evident sooner rather than later, the only party to benefit will be our back-channel friend Iran.  More and more this looks like the 30 years war of Islam.
2. SIGN OF MY AGE?  I get my news from NPR, facebook (I have left & right FB friends all over the world in various languages & also various special interest political people selected partly for their oddness & generally tending toward what I consider intelligent and non-angry.  I have recently found myself having difficulty verifying claims of various political partisans that this or that event actually happened.  Even the presence of video has not always been convincing.  These dubious "facts" are for me annoying.  There is more than enough real stuff out there to please or displease any consumer of newsertainment, no need to make stuff up.  Cultural thing I guess.  Last time I was in California I had a brief conversation with a young female person in the office I was in at the moment.  Revealing my age it went: "Oh, you don't look that old.  A little hair color you could be in the game."  Me: "I'm kind of why bother about that."  "So you're a what you see is what you get person."  "Kinda."  But I also notice that out in the non-human world various animals are trying to fake out other animals all the time, mostly so they can catch and eat them.  To me its annoying, I often can't tell if its a put on or not & decide I don't have the time to find out.

EARLY this year I decided to work more and do other things less.  I proceeded to do that and over these past months my other things I do dwindle, including "expressing myself." I've become pretty boring probably, can't be sure, don't have the time to think it through.  I have, you know, work to do.  The economy, it seemed, demanded that I work harder/more to keep my head that far above the water.  Seems to have turned out OK, there is still work to be done.  I still don't "have time" for luxuries like "opinions" mostly.  Its funny, I used to have opinions about like everything.  Now it mostly seems silly.  Like complementary colors: blue does/doesn't "go" with muddy brown?  OK, whatever/
2. NOTWITHSTANDING, I think the hidden dimension of the Islamic civil war is the Sunni (Saudi) - Shia (Iran) aspect.  The Iranian push for nukes is probably because Saudi Arabia has probably already bought a few from Pakistan, Iran couldn't get them from anyone else but Russia and the Russians don't give them out.  Israel is in that viewpoint nothing more than a convenient-for-all distraction.  The whole Wahhabi push in the world is paid for by money from Saudi and propagandized from there, all those fundamentalist madrasas.  We Americans support the Saudi project totally.  The number one enemies for Wahhabis are heretics, worse than unbelievers for them.  Shia are worthy of death, that's Iran, that's why Iran thinks it nees the bomb, to balance Saudi Arabia.
     What kind of questions could be asked at a press conference of a bigwig regarding the possibility that there is already a Saudi nuclear capability?

1. IT HAS APPARENTLY become illegal for Americans to own Bulgarian material from before 1750 without proper certificates, though the market for that stuff is free in Bulgaria & the EU, just us.  I guess that means that all of those trachea, Celtic coins, etc. are from Hungary or Romania?  I see the Feds seizing the shipments of a major dealer here & there but they have not impacted the bottom end of the market where I and my colleagues buy & sell our pitiful pieces of junk.
2. I WANT TO DISCUSS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY - in my opinion it has been systematically broken at the state level by the Obama machine, while at the top it has been sold to a faction of "the oligarchy."  I won't defend that statement here for lack of space.  The upshot is that the state parties are cash & talent starved & politically on their own.  In my state the Dems have no power on the state level & there is ideological war between the "people's needs" people & the "let's talk with the people who have the money" people.  Registered Dems outnumber Reps & what we call "unaffiliateds" here but gerrymandering has put them out in the cold.  The state primary looks to be the usual snoozefest in which a 15% turnout will be considered "good."  My local Dem candidate for state House is the only one in the county (?) with a primary opponent, a DINO who voted for McCain & Romney & editorialized about how great Palin was in his student newspaper.  I read about how some Tea Party people switched their registration to Dem & filed to run in the Dem primary in Montana.  Maybe we have one of those here?  It is an odd & muddy situation.  In my opinion being unaffiliated & taking the "plague on both their houses" view is counterproductive: we live in their neighborhood & they are the ones who decide what to do & how.  Election year.  I am making lemonade.
3. AND ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT CAMPAIGN MONEY DECISION: the only remedy is door-to-door personal contact.  If that is done all the money there is won't matter.  It is to turn off the TV & talk with the neighbors.  What do you think?

More opinions - 100s of thousands of words!

Thanks for any comments and I will post them if you want me to.  I don’t write to convince anyone of anything.  I write for 3 reasons: 1) to figure out what I actually do think, 2) to see what the responses (if any) are, 3) to demonstrate the uses of the first amendment of the USA constitution.  I think the first amendment is possibly the most important contribution to human affairs of the entire American venture.
"He who is offended...
**Fearlessly (or is it cluelessly?) stepping in what no coin dealer has stepped in before.**
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